The classic screw and bolt product range:
from “Small” to “Standard” to “Long” and “Bit Bolts”

achill is its trading partners’ supplier of choice when it comes to procuring unusual dimensions and difficult-to-find hexagon socket screws and hexagon head screws and bolts for peripheral and niche requirements.

The full-range concept includes, among other things, screws and bolts with metric ISO threads of M 1.6 to M 56 in grades 8.8 to 10.9 and 12.9. The fasteners come with different coatings, such as Geomet or black zinc-plated, all available and delivered within 24 hours. Other versions are also available at short notice.

The table lists more DIN and ISO fasteners:

DIN 912/931/933 8.8 / 10.9 / 12.9 M 1, 6 – M 56 DIN912_931_933.pdf
ISO 4014 8.8 / 10.9 M 10 – M 14 ISO_4014.pdf
ISO 4017 8.8 / 10.9 M 10 – M 14 ISO_4017.pdf
SO 8765 - DIN 960 10.9 M 12 – M 24 DIN 960.pdf
ISO 8676 - DIN 961 10.9 M 12 – M 20 DIN 961.pdf
ISO 10642 - DIN 7991 8.8 / 10.9 M 2 – M 30 DIN 7991.pdf
DIN 7984 8.8 / 10.9 M 3 – M 20  DIN 7984.pdf
ISO 7380-1 10.9 M 3 – M 12 ISO 7380.pdf
ISO 7380-2 (mit Flansch) 10.9 M 3 – M 12 ISO 7380.pdf
DIN 6921 8.8 M 6 – M 10 ISO 7380.pdf
DIN 6912 8.8 M 4 – M 20 DIN 6912.pdf


Support for your C-parts management to ensure maximum delivery supply

"System" is achill’s support and service programme. It provides customer solutions as well as a comprehensive range of services to our partners.

In short, we support your C-parts management. This involves everything that goes beyond standard delivery.

  • Filling of Kanban containers or KLT boxes for fully automatic storage
  • Individual and customised standard and special parts
  • Direct deliveries and third-party deals
  • Framework or fixed-price agreements
  • Parts from drawings and special components
  • Customer-specific packaging and labelling
  • Modification of blanks or bearing screws
  • Subsequent coating service
  • Ultra-fast manufacturing

We can respond very flexibly to customer requirements and deliver within an hour, if required, thanks to our manual logistics system.


achill automotive fasteners

achill delivers to the automotive supply industry as a wholesaler for fasteners. Producers of trailer couplings and industrial truck, warehousing and material flow technology rely on our stocking and procurement programme for automotive spare parts. We also manufacture to drawings, OE numbers, and DIN and ISO standards. achill also manufactures small-series special, turned and milled parts based on drawings.

We supply the following C-parts to fit all popular automotive brands:

  • Spring studs
  • Cardan shaft bolts
  • Wheel studs and nuts
  • Cylinder head screws
  • Other automotive fasteners, like locking nuts, shims and spring washers
  • Truck axle nuts and screws

achill supplies the following in all common steels, non-ferrous metals and plastics, including different coatings and hardnesses – from a single item to large-scale series – all with fast delivery times:

  • Turned parts with diameters ranging from 0.5 mm to 600 mm and lengths up to 2000 mm
  • Milled parts up to 1000 mm x 2000 mm – also with five-axis machining