A reliable partner to screw, bolt and automotive part wholesalers for over 65 years

achill specialises in the procurement, stock management and delivery management of special fasteners. As one of the oldest suppliers in the C-parts sector, we are well-known worldwide for the depth of our range of small, short, thick, thin and long screws and bolts, as well as our delivery flexibility and C-part management support.

From automotive spare parts merchant to wholesaler for screws, bolts and fasteners

When Achilles Seibert set up the limited company of the same name in Hamburg in 1951, he initially handled English and American automotive spare parts. Four years later, the company entered the screw and bolt sector and began offering a full range of screws, bolts and nuts. In the 1970s, Achilles Seibert began specialising in “Big Bolts” in the screw segment and word quickly got around.

achill continued to grow as a specialist for special-format screws and bolts even after the death of the company’s founder. Henning Scholle was responsible for this growth after he joined the company in 1987 as Managing Director. “Long Slim” screws and bolts enhanced the range of “Big Bolts”.

achill extended its range of hexagon socket head screws in the 1990s. ISO 9001-certified quality management was introduced. In 1999 the company relocated from Norderstedt to a new building in Henstedt-Ulzburg which also provided over 5000 pallet spaces.

“system” and “automotive” – two new ranges – were added to the traditional “classic” range in 2002. In doing this, achill was reacting to the growing demands of the market. In 2004, the Scholle family took over the majority shareholding of the company.

Achilles Seibert GmbH celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2011. Timo Scholle was appointed as a second Managing Director, putting in place the successor to the family. Just one year later, specialisation in the high-tensile sector increased and the Industrial and Special Parts department opened.

achill celebrated 25 years of exhibition attendance in 2014. One year later, Managing Director Timo Scholle initiated an online shop, to respond to the needs of the market.

2016 Introduction of a bar code-system for our stock.

2018 2. generation of our webshop

2021/2022 The family follow-up is finished. Timo Scholle takes over 100 % of the shares.